A plague of caterpillars


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ISBN 0-14-009807-0
Titel en schrijver A plague of caterpillars, Nigel Barley
Uitgeverij, drukjaar en drukversie Penguin Books, 1987, drukversie 2
Paperback of hardcover Paperback
Aantal pagina’s 159
Taal en categorie Engels, Reizen & Talen
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In his second book anthropologist Nigel Barley returns back to Cameroon.

He went to meet the Dowayos. They are a pagan mountain tribe. They where due to perform their ancient ritual for the first time in maybe six or seven years. For Nigel Barley it was a chance to witness a rare circumsision ceremony. An opportunity that he didn’t want to miss.

So armed with some Christmas pudding and Cheddar cheese, dr. Barley embarked on his quest to witness this not so very usual anthropological phenomenon. He find his way through with difficulties- not least an extraordinary plague of black, hairy caterpillars.

It’s a book full of hilarious anecdotes. As well as a reflection on all the problems of different cultures understanding one another. The book includes a few pages with photo’s of the people who live there and the places Nigel Barley went to.

A book with a lot of humor but also some serious stories.

‘Further dispatches from North Cameroon via the “jester in shorts” whose brand of serious inquiry tempered with knockabout farce had readers chortling with The innocent Anthropologist’ – Sunday Telegraph

‘They have the greatest charm and interest: they are both touching and hilarious. I strongly recommend them both’ – Richard Adams reviewing this book and The innocent Anthropologist

‘He does for anthropology what Gerald Durrell did for animal collecting’ – Daily Telegraph

‘Quite simply the funniest book to have come out of Africa since Tell me Josephine, or, before that, Black Mischief’ – Auberon Waugh

Informatie over de schrijver Nigel Barley (1947) is an anthropologist from England. He wrote down his experiences in Africa.  And he published a few books. Barley’s first book, The Innocent Anthropologist, was a witty and informative book of anthropological field work among the Dowayo people of Cameroon. The second book about Africa is ‘A plague of caterpillars’. Barley has been nominated two times for the Travelex Writer of the Year Award. In the year 2002, he won the Foreign Press Association prize for travel writing.
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