A Third World Proletariat?


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A Third World Proletariat?, Peter Lloyd


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George Allen & Unwin, 1982, Eerste druk
Paperback of hardcover


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Engels, Essay
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The Third World countries are at a increasing rate being drawn into the economic sphere of the Western World. Their manufacturing sectors are rapidly developing, so are their public sectors. Their cities are becoming increasingly populated. But two-thirds of these cities are inhabited with what can be described as the ‘urban poor’. “A Third World Proletariat?” investigates these phenomena and demographics expansively.

Can this new class of urban poor be described as prolotariat? Do Western terms even apply as appropriate to the emergent social formations of the Third World? Peter Lloyd examines the nature behind the terminology of Marx and Weber and assesses it’s usefulness in the analysis of the Third World urban societies.  An assessment is made to the political strenght of the urban poor, whether they are being mobilized from above or are mobilizing themselves.

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Peter Lloyd is a professor of Social Antropology at the University of Sussex. He has been engaged in research about the Third World for the atleast 30 years. Lloyd first started researching in West Africa, focusing on social stratifications and the new elite. After that he started researching the urban poor in South America, particularly in Peru. He has written numerous books and articles about these subjects.


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