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Actiepakket Jeffrey Archer

1: Prodigal Daughter

2: False Impression

3. Sons of Fortune

4: The collected short stories

5: Twelve Red Herrings

6: A twist in the tale

7: Shall We Tell the President?

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1: 0-340-32962-9

2: 0-330-41882-3

3: 0-330-41335-x

4: 0-00-651405-7

5: 0-00-647723-2

6: 0-00-647865-4

7: 0-00-647867-0

Uitgeverij, drukjaar en drukversie

1: 21e druk, 1989


2: 1e druk, 2005

3: 2e druk, 2003

Harper Collins:

4: 2e druk 1999

5: 2e druk, 1995

6: 2e druk, 1997

7: 3e druk, 1997

Paperback of hardcover
Aantal pagina’s
1: 480 pagina’s

2: 455 pagina’s

3: 597 pagina’s

4: 708 pagina’s

5: 406 pagina’s

6: 269 pagina’s

7: 258 pagina’s

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Engels, Roman
Korte samenvatting Actiepakket Jeffrey Archer bestaat uit de volgende acht boeken:

1: Prodigal Daughter

The prodigal daughter is a novel by Jeffrey Archer. The main character in the book is Florentyna Rosnovski, who is the daughter of Abel from Jeffrey Archer’s earlier book Kane and AbelKane and Abel told the story of two men, born worlds apart, who end up becoming lifelong rivals.

The book starts with a retelling of the story of Kane and Abel’s past. While Florentyna has all of her father’s ambition, she doesn’t have his wealth. What she does have is beauty, spirit and the will to follow her ambition as high as it will take her, even to the highest office in the United States..

2: False Impression

False Impression concerns an international journey through several countries and continents, including London, New York, Bucharest and Tokyo, and includes historical information about the September 11 attacks on New York, which the protagonist, Anna Petrescu, escapes after being fired by the dishonest banker Bryce Fenston. From this point on, the book tells the story of Anna trying to help Arabella Wentworth, a British aristocrat, to recover her family’s fortune by selling a historical painting by Vincent van Gogh, which Bryce Fenston is intent on acquiring.

3. Sons of Fortune

Sons of Fortune talks about twin brothers who got parted in a cinematic consequence and grown up without knowing the existence of each other. In late 1940s in Hartford, Connecticut a set of twins who are separated at birth by a millionaire couple’s nurse, after the millionaire couple’s child – born the same day – dies of cot death in the hospital and she secretly switches Peter for the dead Fletcher Davenport. Nat Cartwright goes to home with his parents, a school teacher and an insurance salesman. But his twin brother is to begin days as Fletcher Andrew Davenport (according to chapter 2), the only son of a multi-millionaire and his society wife.

During the years that follow, the two brothers grow up unaware of each other’s existence. Even when Nat and Fletcher fall in love with same girl, Diane, they still don’t meet but continue on their separate paths, owing to the efforts taken by the multi-millionaire’s nurse.

4: The collected short stories

One of the books with a collection of short stories written by Jeffrey Archer

5: Twelve Red Herrings

Another short story collection. Archer challenges his readers to find “twelve red herrings”, one in each story.

6: A twist in the tale

This book is a 1988 collection of 12 short stories

7: Shall We Tell the President?

A plot to kill the President of the United States, Edward Kennedy, is foiled by Federal Bureau of Investigation agent Mark Andrews working with the head of the FBI. A love story complicates the plot. The book includes descriptive details of official Washington, for which the author lists sources.

Over de auteur
Jeffrey Howard Archer(Londen, 15 april 1940) is een Britse politicus en romanschrijver. Hij schreef 10 boeken die wereldwijde bestsellers zijn geworden. In 1967 publiceerde hij zijn eerste boek, “Not a Penny More, not a Penny Less”. Het boek was onverwacht succes. Een voor de radio bewerkte versie werd op BBC radio 4 uitgezonden in de jaren 80. In 1990 werd heb boek verfilmd.

Na zijn middelbare school volgde hij een korte opleiding bij de politie en het leger. Hij heeft ook een tijd als leraar lichamelijke opvoeding gewerkt.

Archer zetelde als parlementslid voor Louth, een plaatsje in Engeland, tussen 1969 en 1974.

Washington Post: ‘Jeffrey Archer is the greatest storyteller of our age.’
Een aantal boeken hebben wat vouwlijnen.

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