Ancient Egypt


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Ancient Egypt – Fabio Bourbon
ISBN nr.
88 8095 259 5
Uitgeverij, drukjaar en drukversie
ARK FOR PUBLISHING & DISTRIBUTION, Cairo, 1997, eerste druk
Paperback of hardcover
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Engels, Kunst & Cultuur
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Ancient Egypt – lithographs of David Roberts, R.A. is a book about the paintings and lithographs of David Roberts. David Roberts was born on 24 October 1796 and was a Scottish painter. He is most known for a series of lithograph prints he made of Egypt and the Near East. Roberts traveled the region extensively from from 1838 to 1840, visiting among others Egypt, Nubia, the Sinai, the Holy Land (present day Israel and Palestine), Jordan and Lebanon. He made detailed sketches of the things he saw on his travels, which he later turned into prints. At the time of his travels, Egypt was very popular and travelers and collectors were eager to buy works inspired by the East and Egypt. David Roberts died on 25 November 1864, of symptoms that would suggest he had a stroke. He was 68 years old.

In this book Fabio Bourbon provides an introduction explaining who David Roberts was and goes into some detail about his life. 61 plates of Roberts’ work are shown in beautiful and detailed images, and include backstory of the location, what it meant to the ancient Egyptians, how it was built, and of course how the images were made by Roberts. The book provides an interesting view of Egypt at the time Roberts visited and is easily accessible to anyone wishing to learn more about Egypt.

Over de auteur
Fabio Bourbon werd geboren in 1962 in Italië en specialiseert zich in boeken over de beschavingen uit het verleden en de geschiedenis van kunst in de oudheid. Hij schreef al meerdere boeken over onder andere het Rome van de oudheid en over de Maya’s, Azteken en andere oude Mexicaanse beschavingen. Hij schreef ook over Egypte en verzorgde de tekst van twee boeken over David Roberts.
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