Blast from the Past


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Titel en schrijver
Blast from the Past, Ben Elton
ISBN nr.
Uitgeverij, drukjaar en drukversie
Black Swan, 1999, Eerste druk
Paperback of hardcover
Aantal pagina’s
363 pagina’s
Taal en categorie
Engels, Roman
Korte samenvatting
Polly Slade is a woman in her thirties with no money, no love life and a boring job. She does however have a highly unusual past with two men, both of which show up at het door in the middle of the night: Peter, an obsessive stalker who has been harassing her for the past two years and Jack, a general of the United States army with whom she had a short love affair as a teenager. Peter wants to ‘prove’ his love to her that night once and for all and Jack doesn’t want the information of their affair to leak, now that he reached such a high rank in the army.

This bizarre night is full with themes of obsession, morality, gender and whether you can return tot he past and find things just like one remembers.

Over de auteur
Ben Elton (London, 1959) is een Engelse komiek, schrijver en acteur. Hij is voornamelijk bekent als schrijver van Britse tv-series zoals ‘Blackadder’ en ‘The Young Ones’. Ook heeft hij 15 boeken geschreven waarvan meerdere bestsellers. De onderwerpen waarover hij schrijft in zijn boeken varieert veel, van crime-thriller tot satirische sci-fy .

‘Elton at his most outrageously entertaining… Elton is a master of snappy one-liners, and here with the witty repartee hides a suprisingly romantic core.’

Tony Parsons:

‘Only Ben Elton could combine uncomfortable questions about gender politics with a gripping, page-turning narrative and jokes that make you laugh out loud’

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