Crazy Horse and Johnny Mohawk


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Half Moon Ranch Crazy Horse and Johnny Mohawk, Jenny Oldfield
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Uitgeverij, drukjaar en drukversie
Hodder Childrens Books, 2001, Eerste druk
Paperback of hardcover
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154 pagina’s
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Crazy Horse and Johnny Mohawk

Crazy Horse: Two horses are missing, namely: Cadillac, a very beautiful and sereen toroughbred, and his companion Crazy Horse, a wild and wise-ass horse. Were they stolen? Kirstie is determined to get her favorite horses back to the Half Moon Ranch, no matter what it takes!

Johnny Mohawk: A guest of the Ranch plummets of off his horse and manages to break his arm. This prompts him to piont his finger-that is the one attached to the non-broken arm-at Johnny Mohawk, a horse, of doing that based upon a preconceived plan of attack. Of couse Kirstie thinks the guy is talking out of his tailpipe, but she’s got to prove this, and before it’s to late!

Over de auteur
Jenny Oldfield, (08-08-1949) was born and raised in Harrogate, Yorkshire. She studied English at the Birmingham University. Her hobbies are walking, gardening, playing tennis, horseriding and travelling with her two daughters. Has worked for Animal Alert in an animalclinic and rescue and has her own rescuedog named Tess.
By MLW: “The Horses of Half-Moon Ranch” series features six thrilling adventures of friends on a Colorado dude ranch. However, some of the story details betray the British author’s lack of knowledge about American horses and landscape. For more accurate information about American horse breeds, Ralph Moody’s American Horses is highly recommended. Each of the six books in the “Half-Moon Ranch” series features one the ranch’s six star horses. Crazy Horse, the Quarterhorse, and Kirstie are the heroes of this story as they track down Matt’s favorite horse, Cadillac, and the dangerous thieves who stole him. What happens when a courageous girl and her wily horse interfere with their plans? Enough excitement for everyone.”
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