Het Apollohuis 1980-1990. Five Years 985-1990.


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ISBN nr (10 of 13 cijfers) 907163812x
Titel en schrijver Het Apollohuis 1980-1990. Five Years 1985-1990., Titus Yocarini
Uitgeverij, drukjaar en drukversie Het Apollohuis Eindhoven, 1990, Eerste druk
Paperback of hardcover Paperback
Aantal pagina’s 143
Taal en categorie Engels, Kunst & Cultuur
Korte samenvatting Het Apollohuis is an independent platform for signalling developments in the arts. It is based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, in a former nineteenth century cigarfactory. Since 1980 it presents annually approximately 20 exhibitions and installations, and 35 concerts and performances. Ever since its foundation, Het Apollohuis has also published prints, artist books, multiples and audio-cassette tapes. In recent years it also developed very much as a publishing house of books, LP records and CDs. These publications support the programme and promote the reputations of the artists and Het Apollohuis.The book ‘Het Apollohuis 1985-1990’ provides an outline of the programme series at Het Apollohuis from the fall of 1985 until the fall of 1990. Together with the book ‘Het Apollohuis 1980-1985’ (ISBN 9071638014, 1986) it completes the report of ten years of activities. Over the last five years 102 exhibitions and installations and 163 concerts and performances have been presented. The programme involved about 400 artists from all over the world. In this publication all these activities are summarized in short descriptions. The wealth of photographs is a memento of all those special moments which could be experienced in this special place and time and again, they convince over their singular context: Het Apollohuis