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ISBN nr (10 of 13 cijfers) 0140203117
Titel en schrijver Islam, Alfred Guillaume
Uitgeverij, drukjaar en drukversie Penguin Books, 1978, tweede druk
Paperback of hardcover Paperback
Aantal pagina’s 210
Taal en categorie Engels, Religie & Spiritualiteit
Korte samenvatting The cultural background of the Arab peoples, who are playing an ever large rand larger part in the modern world, has been formed as much by a great missionary religion, Muhammadanism, as has that of Europe and America by Christianity. The great awakening of the Muslim world which is now in progress, the emergence of new Muslim states such as Pakistan, Libya, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and the ever closer contact between the West and Middle East makes an understanding of the spirit of Islam essential to the informed Westerner. Professor Guillaume provides the essentials for such an understanding in this book. He deals in turn with Muhammad, the founder of Islam; the Quran, its holy book; the evolution of Muhamadanism as a system of faith, law, religion, and philosophy; the varying schools of thought and the intense devotional life that have grown up within it; and discusses the changes which are now taking place in the Islamic viewpoint as the Muslim peoples prepare to take their full part in the modern world.


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