J.F.K. For Beginners


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ISBN nr.
Titel en schrijver
JFK For Beginners, Errol Selkirk
Uitgeverij, drukjaar en drukversie
The Putnam Publishing Group, 1988, eerste druk
Paperback of hardcover
Aantal pagina’s
160 pagina’s
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Engels, Biografie
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JFK For Beginners:

He was the first American President born in the Twentieth Century. And few other figures in history so embraced the need for change, progress, and new solutions to the problems of the world. J.F.K. For Beginners follows the Kennedy saga from its immigrant beginnings to its final thrimph, and tragic end. The many side of this complicated man come alive in documentary style: the influence of his family, his wartime heroism aboard the PT 109, the controversy of his religion, and his unique style of leaderschip. The Berlin Crisis and nuclear showdown over Cuba emerge as tests of J.F.K.’s courage and caution. And his support of Martin Luther King and Civil Rights demonstrate his growing compassion for the poor and the powerless.

Yet the real Jack Kennedy was no plaster saint. This book reveals his human side, including some of his failings and faults, as well as his great intelligence, energy and charm. The story of how he used his strenghths to achieve so much in such a short time – this is the true Kennedy legacy to all generations that follow him.

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