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Medieval history: the life and death of a civilization, Norman F. Cantor
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Uitgeverij, drukjaar en drukversie
The Macmillan Company, 1969, 2nd edition
Paperback of hardcover
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584 pagina’s
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Engels, Geschiedenis & politiek
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Medieval History: the life and death of a civilization is a revised look on Cantor’s The Civilization of the Middle Ages. This second edition contains new interpretations, new illustrations and a bigger bibliography.

The author has made significant changes in several sections like the decline of the Roman Empire, the Italian Renaissance and many more. Cantor’s historical outlook has matured, but this volume still records the medieval experience – from its birth to its disintegration. Economic, political and social changes are deftly integrated with the intellectual and cultural history. Within each period values and institutions at different stages of civilization are compared, as well as with other cultures of Islam and Byzantium. And the relevance of medieval history to the 20th century is continually emphasized.

The text covers the history of Europe from the decline of the Roman Empire to the Renaissance. There are nine major divisions to distinguish separate eras of medieval history.

Over de auteur
Norman F. Cantor is geboren op 19 november 1929 in Canada. Hij studeerde aan de University of Manitoba, Princeton University en de University of Oxford. Nadat hij zijn PhD had behaald begon hij zijn carrière als professor. Hij werkte o.a. voor Princeton, Colombia University en NYU (New York University). Bij NYU was Cantor decaan van het College of Arts & Sciences en gaf hij les in geschiedenis, sociologie en comparative literature.

Cantor was voornamelijk een historicus, hij specialiseerde zich in de middeleeuwen. Hij publiceerde veel geschiedenisboeken. Het tekstboek The Civilization of the Middle Ages (1963) is zijn bekendste werk.

Norman Cantor is op 18 september 2004 overleden.

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