Pests, Diseases & Disorders of Garden Plants


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Collins Guide to Pests, Diseases & Disorders of Garden Plants, S. Buczacki & Keith Harris
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HarperCollins Publishers, 1998, Tweede druk
Paperback of hardcover
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640 pagina’s
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Engels, Biologie
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Pests, Diseases & Disorders of Garden Plants is essential for all gardeners, horticulturists, teachers, students and naturalists. This is a practical, highly-illustrated guide to dealing with the pests, diseases and disorders that commonly affect fruit, vegetables, trees and ornamental garden plants.

A revision of the highly acclaimed Collins Guide to Pests, Diseases and Disorders first published in 1981, the book now features completely updated text, the addition of several new pests and diseases that have become important in the last decade, and an impressive full colour plate section with over 600 photographs.

The Introduction provides general information about garden hygiene and plant care and control, including an assessment of pesticides and chemicals. Special attention is given to the increasing importance of biological control in gardens.
•The A-to-Z of Symptoms lists all the common garden plants, and describes likely causes of problems with leaves, shoots, flowers, fruit and buds, with cross-references to the detailed entries in the main section of the book.
•Pests are arranged by groups of closely related organisms. Problems such as eelworms, slugs, beetles, snails, mites, mammals, aphids and birds are all mentioned with advises how to stop it.
•Diseases are organised on the basis of symptoms such as rusts, mildews, rusts, cankers and rots.
•Disorders, like mineral deficiencies and genetic abnormalities, are grouped under the main factors causing them – mechanical, climatic, nutritional etc.

Over de auteur
Professor Stefan T. Buczacki (born 16 October 1945) is a British horticulturist, botanist, broadcaster, historian, and biographer.

He grew up in Derbyshire, England, where he attended the Ecclesbourne secondary school. He later gained a first-class honours botany degree at Southampton University and a PhD in forest science at Oxford University.

Buczacki started a career in research for the Agricultural Research Council at the National Vegetable Research Station at Wellesbourne, Warwickshire. As a plant pathologist he worked ont het biology and control of a species of Phytomyxea, Plasmodiophora brassicae, the cause of clubroot disease. He became freelance author and broadcaster in 1984.

Buczacki has about 50 books to his name on both gardening and natural history. Collins Guide to the Pests, Diseases and Disorders of Garden Plants was his first book, written jointly with Dr Keith Harris and illustrated by Brian Hargreaves. It has remained the standard reference work for over thirty years. Fauna Britannica was an account of the entire wild animal life of the British Isles for which Prince Charles wrote the Foreword. He also wrote Volume 102 Garden Natural History for Collin’s New Naturalist series. He has written for a number of national newspapers and magazines. Buczacki has also written about Winston Churchill and his house at Chartwell, and he wrote a posthumous biography of Venetia Stanley, a close confidante and friend of H.H. Asquith, who served as Prime Minister of the UK from 1908 to 1916.

Buczacki  has gained several awards and distinctions for his work, including two honorary doctorates from the University of Southampton and the University of Derby.

Daily Telegraph: “ A definitive textbook for embattled home gardners”.
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