Swan in the Swim


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Titel en schrijver
Swan in the Swim, Lucy Daniels
ISBN nr.
Uitgeverij, drukjaar en drukversie
Hodder Children’s Books, 1997, Eerste druk
Paperback of hardcover
Aantal pagina’s
171 pagina’s
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Engels, Kind & Jeugd
Korte samenvatting
Swan in the Swim. Mandy Hope loves and knows al lot about animals, because her parents are vets and own a pet surgery, called Animal Ark, where she helps out. One day a particularly funny swan dives into the Parker-Smythes’ pool. And, of course, Mandy is called to get it out. Unfortunately, though, it’s wing might just be broken and she-the swan, not Mandy-looks as if she is going into shock. Now Mandy has got to find a way to get the delirious bird to Animal Ark, before it’s to late.
Over de auteur
Lucy Daniels,

is no real female writer but-very logical indeed-the name of a group of guys. Those geezers thought that girls wouldn’t buy books written by guys, because the Animal Ark series is more for girls, and not really for boys.

The Animal Ark series contains 61 parts, without the specials, including the specials, twice as much.

By Lucinda: ‘Heartwarming animal tales that add that special ‘spark’ to any childhood, with their warmth and inner meaning!

Some of my fondest childhood memories are filled with me spending hours with my head in a book, delighting in tales that warmed the heart and filled one with a sense of optimism as to the future. Lucy Daniels ‘Animal Ark’ books were a series that I collected for years and which gave me endless pleasure, as a child who was animal mad and looked to the main character of Mandy Hope as my heroine. I loved the relationship between Mandy and her best friend James Hunter, as at the time I also had a very special best friend whom like myself also delighted in reading these wonderful stories, about all kinds of different animal; from the domestic pet to the wild, untamed animal and the exotic.

‘Swan in the Swim’ was my first EVER animal ark book that I bought from my school fair, which introduced me to an extensive series that would not only heighten my lifelong love of animals, but which ignited a passion within for reading. I gained immense pleasure from reading and it was at this young age that I learnt to enjoy English, by opening ones mind and letting the imagination become limitless.In ‘Swan in the Swim’ Mandy Hope becomes aware of the news that a Swan has flown into the Parker Smythe’s swimming-pool, and so she is called to get it out. But the Swan’s wing may be broken and she looks as if she is going into shock. Is Mandy able to get the Swan back to Animal Ark (her parents veterinary practice) before it is too late?

Totally absorbing I remember sitting reading into the early hours of the morning unable to put these books down, as I read in a feverish frenzy due to being lost within the most exciting and thrilling stories. If I had to choose one book or series that were the highlight of my childhood then it would have to be the Animal Ark series by Lucy Daniels and that one copy of ‘Swan in the Swim’ that I read first!

*Lucy Daniels is author of ‘Dolphin Diaries’ (about a girl who studies Dolphins) and ‘Animal Ark Pets’ (which is about Mandy & James when they were younger). – I would also highly recommend these series’ as well, for I read them as a child too*’

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