The arrow of time


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The Arrow Of Time  – Peter Coveney & Roger Highfield
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Flamingo, 1990
Paperback of hardcover
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Nederlands,  Studie & management, Exacte Wetenschappen


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In our century, the subject of time has become an area of serious inquiry for science. Theories that contain time as a simple quantity form the basis of our understanding of many scientific disciplines, yet the debate rages on: why does there seem to be a direction to time, an arrow of time pointing from past to future?


In The Arrow of Time, a major bestseller in England, Dr. Peter Coveney, a research scientist, and award-winning journalist Dr. Roger Highfield, demonstrate that the commonsense view of time agrees with the most advanced scientific theory. Time does in fact move like an arrow, shooting forward into what is genuinely unknown, leaving the past immutably behind. The authors make their case by exploring three centuries of science, offering bold reinterpretations of Newton’s mechanics, Einstein’s special and general theories of relativity, quantum mechanics, and advancing the insights of James Gleick’s Chaos.

Over de auteur
Peter V. Coveney is a Professor of Physical Chemistry and Director, Centre for Computational Science  at University College London.


Coveney was awarded his Doctor of Philosophy degree from the University of Oxford for his work on Semiclassical methods in scattering and spectroscopy.

‘A rare combination of intellect and descriptive power. The Arrow of Time is in the best traditions of scientific argument and the effort of absorbing it will be well rewarded’ – Dr. Peter Pockley, Financial Review


‘This is an important book… I heartily comend this volume’ – John Laurent, New Scientist

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