The house of sight and shadow


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Titel en schrijver
The house of sight and shadow, Nicholas Griffin
ISBN nr.
Uitgeverij, drukjaar en drukversie
Little, brown and company, 2000, Eerste druk
Paperback of hardcover
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343 pagina’s
Taal en categorie
Engels, Roman
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The house of sight and shadow is a novel by Nicholas Griffin. It takes place in London, in the early eighteenth-century. The book tells the story of two doctors, Sir Edmund Calcraft, an eminent anatomist, and his young student, Joseph Bendix. Their pursuit of knowledge and scientific progress puts them at odds with morality, and forces them to involve themselves with the lawless side of eighteenth-century England. When Joseph Bendix falls in love with someone he shouldn’t, someone he first met at Edmund Calcraft’s house, it threatens to end their collaboration.

The house of sight and shadow is an interesting read about history, medical lore and the effects of ambition.

Over de auteur
Nicholas Griffin was born in London and is an English writer. When he was 18 years old, he moved to New York in the US. Since 2013 he has lived in Miami. His work has included several novels and writing for newspapers, magazines and television.
Independent on Sunday: ‘Battles, storms and doomed young love will appeal to fans of Robert Louis Stevenson and Errol Flynn … faultlessly rendered.’

Daily Mail: ‘A vivid and authentic picture of life at sea that is second to none. There is more than enough action and adventure, blood and guts, disease and death, love and cruelty, acts of loyalty and deeds of deceit to keep all but most squemish turning the page.’

Ross Leckie, auteur van Hannibal and Scipio: ‘One reads in a lifetime only a few first novels of rare quality – this is one.’

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