The Sands of Time


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The Sands of Time, Michael Hoeye
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Puffin books, 2004, Tweede Druk
Paperback of hardcover
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The Sands of Time is het 2e boek in de serie en een vervolg op Time Stops for No Mouse

Nederlandse titel: Het Zand van de Tijd


Having saved the world, our favorite mouse and watchmaker Hermux Tantamoq was all set to return to his old life. But some mice are destined for bigger things and Hermux’s ordinary days are truly over.

There is a legend in Pinchester: A story of a creature so fierce, so shocking, that no polite mouse, mole or hamster can bring themselves to speak its name. But one chipmunk, Hermux’s friend Mirrin Stentrill, believes they really existed and he wants Hermux’s help to find the Lost Kingdom of Cats.

Over de auteur
Micheal Hoeye was born Los Angeles, California in 1947. Before he started writing he worked as a farmer, fashion photographer, stagehand and high-school teacher.

So far he has written four books, all part of his series The Hermux Tantamoq Adventures

A gripping story full of emotion and original humor. . . . Should firmly establish Hoeye as a break-out writer, one whose work can be favorably compared with J. K. Rowling and Brian Jacques. – Philadelphia Inquirer


Hoeye’s galloping plot, evocative descriptions and exuberantly sophisticated wit keep the pages rapidly turning. Ages 12-up. – Publishers Weekly


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