The Secret Adversary



Titel en schrijver The secret adversary, Agatha Christie
ISBN nr. Geen ISBN-nummer
Uitgeverij, drukjaar en drukversie Meulenhoff Educatief, 1967, 13e druk
Paperback of hardcover Paperback
Aantal pagina’s 160
Taal en categorie English, Mystery and Thriller
Korte samenvatting The secret adversary:

The book introduces you to the 2 main charachters called Tommy and Tupprence after the Great War. Jobs are hard to come by so they team up and make their own campany called the The Young Adventures. They are being hired for some odd and dangerous work.

Over de auteur Agatha Christie was born on 15th of September 1890 in England, Devon. She was known for her 66 detective stories.

She also had a nickname going by the “Queen of Crime”.

She was also made a DBE by Queen Elizabeth II herself for her contribute in literature, she has sold more than 2 billions copies of her books.

She married her first husband named Archibald Christie in 1914 but later divorced in 1928 and re-married another man named Max Mallowan, an archaologist.

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