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Titel en schrijver
Vurt – Jeff Noon
ISBN nr.
0 330 33881 1
Uitgeverij, drukjaar en drukversie
Pan Books | 1994 | First Edition
Paperback of hardcover
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Taal en categorie
Engels | Fantasy & Science Fiction
Korte samenvatting
TW: incest, domestic and sexual abuse.

In his debutnovel ‘Vurt’ Jeff Noon tells the story of Scribble and his ‘gang’, the Stash Riders. It is set in an alternative reality Manchester and uses a lot of new terms and jargon. Be prepared to be dragged into a whole new world.

The Stash Riders spend their days trying to get their hands on illegal vurt. Vurt can only be described as a shared hallucinatory objective reality – another level of being. No one really knows what exactly it is. You can enter this world by using colour-coded feathers. Every colour leads to a different type of vurt. Some of them are legal, like the blue vurt, and some of them are not. The legal ones even come with adverts and closing credits.

Scribble has lost his sister to the Vurt. They both took a yellow feather named English Voodoo and within that vurt they found a meta feather – the Curious Yellow. Desdemona, Scribble’s sister, decides to take it. This results into her disappearance and the arrival of the Thing. The Thing is an amorphous semi-sentient blob. This story is about Scribble’s search for her.

There’s four books in the Vurt series.

The first is called Pollen, which is a sequel and concerns the ongoing struggle between the real world and the vurtual world.

Then there’s Automated Alice, meant as the third book in this series and as a ‘trequel’ to Lewis Carroll’s books ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ and ‘Through the Looking Glass’.
Nymphomation is the prequel of Vurt, which sets the background for much of the mythology found in the previous books.

Over de auteur
Jeff Noon is born in 1957 and hails from Droylsden, Lancashire, England. His works make use of word play and fantasy and most of his stories include some version of his native city of Manchester.
‘Stunning, bizarre, compulsive’ – Pulp Magazine

‘Passionate, distinctive, demanding and enthralling’ – The Times

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