Wars of Light and Shadow: Volume 6 & 7


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Titel en schrijver
Wars of Light and Shadow: Volume 6 (Peril’s Gate) & Volume 7 (Traitor’s Knot), Janny Wurts
ISBN nr.
Peril’s Gate: 978-0-00-710108-5

Traitor’s Knot: 978-0-00-710114-6

Uitgeverij, drukjaar en drukversie
Peril’s Gate: Uitgeverij Harper Voyager, 2002, Eerste druk

Traitor’s Knot: Uitgeverij Harper Voyager, 2005, Eerste druk

Paperback of hardcover
Aantal pagina’s
Peril’s Gate: 800 pagina’s

Traitor’s Knot: 637 pagina’s

Taal en categorie
Engels, Fantasy & Sciencefiction
Korte samenvatting
Wars of Light and Shadow: Volume 6 & 7:

Peril’s Gate:

Where there is light, there must always be shadow… The fourth volume in Janny Wurts’s spectacular epic fantasy, now re-released with a striking new cover design along with the rest of the series.

The curse that hangs over the Master of Shadow, Arithon, and Lord of Light, Lysaer, is drawing the two half-brothers ever closer towards direct conflict. For the Natural Balance to be maintained, the two must never fight. If they do, one is sure to perish and the Mistwraith will regain its evil power over their world.

Traitor’s Knot:

The gripping penultimate installment of the Alliance of Light.

When half brothers Lysaer and Arithon defeated the Mistwraith it’s revenge left them cursed to lifelong enmity.

Having conquered the maze and achieved self-redemption, Arithon, Master of Shadow, is now the guest of the formidable sorcerer, Davien the Betrayer. No one knows how his influence will affect Arithon’s recovered mage power, or his newly awakened rogue talent for prescience.

Over de auteur
Janny Wurts is an American fantasy novelist and illustrator. She has written several series, including the Wars of Light and Shadow, The Cycle of Fire trilogy, several stand-alone novels, a short story collection and the internationally best selling Empire Trilogy that she co-authored with Raymond E. Feist. She often illustrates her own work.
“Praise for the Wars of Light and Shadow. Astonishingly original and compelling… A gifted creator of wonder”

-Raymond E Feist

“Wurts builds beautiful castles in the air … where every detail is richly imagined and vividly rendered”

-Diana Gabaldon

“It ought to be illegal for one person to have so much talent”

-Stephen Donaldson

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