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Whales, Jacques Cousteau & Yves Paccalet


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Uitgeverij Harry N. Abrams Inc., 1988, Eerste druk
Paperback of hardcover


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280 pagina’s
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Engels, Biologie
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Whales are some of the most amazing creatures on planet earth. For a long time their existence was greeted with awe, doubt and even dread. For how could an animal so big, so extraordinary, be anything but a portent or a message from God?

A Whale’s size defies belief itself. The largest of them all, the Blue Whale, the biggest animal we have known, is four busses long and it’s heart is four feet across. But it’s not only their size that compels amazement, they are also incredibly intelligent and sociable creatures. These majestic mammals have a, what can only be described as, graceful was of life in the forbidden territories of the sea.

Over de auteur


Jacques Cousteau (1910-1997) was een Franse marine officier, ontdekkingsreiziger, filmmaker, wetenschapper, fotograaf, schrijver en onderzoeker. Hij onderzocht onderwater leven en was een pionier in het beschermen van onderwater leven. Cousteau beschreef zijn onderzoek over onderwater leven in verschillende boeken en documentaire films. Zijn meest bekende film ‘The Silent World’ won de Palme dór in 1956.

Yves Paccalet (Savoie, 1945) is een Franse schrijver, journalist en natuurwetenschapper. Van 1972 t/m 1990 werkte hij samen met Jacques Cousteau op expedities.



Publisher’s Weekly:

‘Lavishly illustrated with photos that range from the breathtaking breach of the humpback whale to oceans red with blood, this well-researched, well-written study of the largest creatures on earth makes a convincing appeal for their protection.’



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