Women: God’s Secret Weapon


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Titel en schrijver
Women: God’s Secret Weapon, Ed Silvoso
ISBN nr.
Uitgeverij, drukjaar en drukversie
Regal Books, 2001, Eerste druk
Paperback of hardcover
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152 pagina’s
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Engels, Religie & Spiritualiteit
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The first instance of spiritual warfare recorded in the Bible is an encounter between a woman and the devil. And on the heels of that ill-fated meeting, God decreed that the woman and her offspring would oppose the evil one forever. The role of women in society and in the church is, even today, hotly debated. In Women: God’s secret weapon, Ed Silvoso dares Christians everywhere (men and women) to battle against the kingdom’s true enemy: Satan. He persuasively presents the Bible’s portrayal of women as powerful adversaries of the devil. Here is inspiration for men and women to work together for the evil one’s defeat.
‘Women: God’s secret weapon’ is a challenge to the Body of Christ to recognize the unique, strategic and pivotal place women have in God’s plan for Satan’s ultimate ruin, and to celebrate the invincible power of an individual church.
Over de auteur
Ed Silvoso was born on June 15, 1945. He is an Argentinian evangelist, author, and documentarian. Silvoso founded Harvest Evangelism and the Transform Our World Network, which has the objective to end worldwide systemic poverty in its four expressions. He was a leader in the Argentine Revival during the 1990s and is a formative figure in the modern transformation movement. Ed Silvoso has hosted conferences, provided leadership training, participated in symposiums, and appeared in the media. He has published six books and produced a documentary library of over forty titles.

He graduated from Colegio Nacional Justo Jose de Urquiza in 1962 and became a pastor in Mar del Plata seven years later. Silvoso is married to Ruth Noemi Palau since 1968 and they have four daughters together.

Goodreads.com: “He is a preacher in his style. Some loose interpretations, some stories, some diversions from the topic. The message still mostly surrounds that of the view of women from the Bible and their role. He takes the road of that we are made different but complementary and do things best together and not against each other.”
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